Only me again

Hello again, 

Hope you all enjoyed my last blog. Since then, we’ve been away. Our first proper family holiday. It was wonderful and eventful and much needed.


We got back yesterday. Do you know what my favourite thing to do is when I get back from a week away…….




 Whoops wrong picture


You know you’re getting old and sensible when you purposely book an additional day off work to be able to get all the washing and housework done before you have to go back to work.


At the mo, it’s 7:30am on a Sunday morning and me and the boy are up and watching Wreck It Ralph…. AGAIN!!!!!!!! I USED to like this film.  


(Note for any parents to be: DO NOT watch any of your favourite films with your little one they will ruin them for you by being constantly on repeat!)


I am clinging on to Toy Story being my all time favourite film. I’m not letting him anywhere near Lady and the Tramp and the Rescuers even though I used to watch them over and over again as a kid!


Fast-forward 3 hours of Wreck It Ralph and catching up on BGT, and we have the most knackered little boy refusing to nap. I have tried him with a bottle in his buggy which worked every day on holiday. Did it work today? Did it bo****ks!!!!


Ok. I’ll try a different tactic of trying to calm him on me…. Nope. On the sofa?… Nope. Pacing around? Nope. I put In The Night Garden on TV and finally he was starting to chill out. In fact he couldn’t even keep his head up.


… Spoke too soon. He has found some energy from somewhere (goddamn Ready Brek with your slow release energy!!) and he is back on the floor wanting to play. It’s been 90 mins and still no sleeping child. By this point I am all out of ideas and I turn to Catherine completely defeated. I have nothing left to give. The child has sapped everything from me and I have come to terms with the facts that I have lost. Today is going to be a rubbish day and he won’t nap and will be craggy all day.


But wait…….


On comes a substitution. Catherine steps in to the living room. She is like a fresh set of legs coming during extra time of the cup final, when you just need to rally the troops, give the team a little boost and score the winning goal. I don’t want it to go to penalties, we English always lose!

So here she comes with a blinder and volley’s it in to the top right corner….. They think its all over…. it is now. The crowd go wild!!!! “Ssssshhhhhhhh the baby is asleep”.


God I love this woman but at the time I also resented her because why couldn’t I do that?!



So as I said in the previous blog, Catherine and I try to plan everything and even after 13 months of having absolutely nothing going to plan and working out as it should, I don’t know why we continue to do it to ourselves. But as we were going on holiday we went into full planning mode and below are a list of our ‘plans’ that we were wanting to do:


I’ll let you into a little secret


1. Nana babysits the night before we leave so that we can clean the house, pack the car, get all the shopping done and be ready to go.


FAILED – Will decided to be really sick so came back home. House was left a mess, car was not packed and I already had 2 loads of washing to do before we left.


2. Pack a million pairs of shorts, sun cream and t shirts.


FAILED – It rained all week – I didn’t care though, the shorts came out anyway.


3. Purchase bucket and spade for fun times on the beach.


FAILED – Will hated the beach


4. Bought loads of goodies to make packed lunches every day


FAILED – Apologies to the Haven in Devon, it might all still be in the fridge.


5. Go swimming every morning for some fun family time.


FAILED – William decides he now hates swimming.


6. Go out every night to watch the organised entertainment, have loads of drinks and all will be OK because William will fall asleep in his buggy.


FAILED – Back at the caravan by 6 every night sleep by half 8. ROCK ON!!!



But you know what? It was the most amazing time with my amazing little family. I wouldn’t change a second of it and I can’t wait for our next adventure.


Mind you I’m going to need some serious time to save, why on earth do we get addicted to getting the tickets out of the machines in the arcade? Why do we spend a fortune in exchange for something you can get from the pound shop??


Remember, the children will always win.


Until next time my fellow failures….


2 thoughts on “Only me again

  1. Children do like to test us! My son is almost 11, he still challenges me. Last week he would only eat hash browns and hated potatoes… yesterday he ate a full bag of boiled baby new potatoes for tea as he loves them.

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  2. Haha I completely feel your pain on the nap front. However with the girls being older they now don’t nap. But sometimes they are so tired I wish they bloody did. As for the holiday, we are the same with ticket machines and it’s a nightmare, the girls always want the biggest toy but we never have enough tickets no matter how much money we spend x

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