Is it a bit much ?????

I have been meaning to write this post for a while but what with a teething child, work, college as well as everything else. Having two minutes to sit down and actually write has been pretty hard work. This post for me is really to get something of my chest that has been annoying me […]

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From the eyes of the child

Hi, my name is NO PUT THAT DOWN … well I think that’s my name as that what the big people seem to shout at me…… ALOT. Before I get started I want to firstly apologise for any spelling mistakes and grammar issues but I’m only 14 months old, so I really haven’t quite got […]

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Only me again

Hello again,  Hope you all enjoyed my last blog. Since then, we’ve been away. Our first proper family holiday. It was wonderful and eventful and much needed.   We got back yesterday. Do you know what my favourite thing to do is when I get back from a week away…….          Whoops […]

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First time parent

                                                                                                     Good evening,   Welcome to […]

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